Posterfi Collab with @CreativeKiara

Posterfi Collab with @CreativeKiara

Posterfi Collab with @CreativeKiara

Posterfi, the leading online platform for creating stunning posters, is excited to announce its collaboration with the talented graphic designer @CreativeKiara. This collaboration brings together the innovative features of Posterfi and the artistic prowess of @CreativeKiara, resulting in a unique and exceptional experience for poster enthusiasts.

Who is @CreativeKiara?

@CreativeKiara is a highly skilled Content creator and fashion designer. @CreativeKiara has amassed a large following on social media, thanks to her ability to create eye-catching graphics that resonate with her audience.

What does the collaboration entail?

The collaboration between Posterfi and @CreativeKiara aims to provide users with access to exclusive and personalized poster designs. @CreativeKiara will be creating a series of Poster bundles exclusively for Posterfi users. These templates will reflect her unique style and artistic vision, allowing users to create stunning posters effortlessly.

How to access the Bundle?

Accessing the bundle is simple. Posterfi users can navigate to the 'Bundles' tab within the platform and select the "Bencosme bundle". New users can sign up on the Posterfi website and gain instant access to this exciting collaboration.


    The collaboration between Posterfi and @CreativeKiara brings together the best of both worlds - a powerful poster creation platform and the artistic brilliance of @CreativeKiara. This collaboration offered a unique opportunity to create stunning posters and enhance our catalog.